2. Multiplier event of ARC

Multiplier Event of ARC:  

Automated Reasoning in the  


In the frame of the project ARC 


28th of June 2022 


The international Erasmus+ European Project: “ARC – Automated Reasoning in the  Class”, running from 2019 to 2022 is a partnership of universities from Austria, France,  Germany, Hungary, and Romania, and has the purpose of developing advanced material  for teaching subjects related to Computational Logic by using Automated Reasoning. The  material includes a comprehensive textbook treating the necessary theoretical  background (selected topics in Mathematical Logic), but mostly the practical methods  from Automated Theorem Proving, as well as the description of the basic programming  paradigms and the associated languages, in relation to their logical aspects. The main  activities of the project consist in the development of the ARC book: “Computational  Logic, a Practical Approach” and the development of various interactive learning tools  based on Automated Reasoning. 

The goal of this Multiplier Event (ME) is to disseminate the results of the ARC project,  mainly to familiarize the participants with the ARC book. There will be a one day session consisting in: the history and the purpose of the ARC project, the main goal of the ARC  book and its innovative approach on teaching, on each chapter the general presentation  of the contents, interactive testing of the software and of the exercises, the  recommendations and best practice learning scenarios, as well as the possibilities for  future cooperation. 

PARTICIPANTS: This ME is open to researchers who have links with universities, in  particular computer science faculties  

VENUE: Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research, Miskolc, Iglói út 2., Room 02 KEYNOTE PROFESSOR: 

GABOR KUSPER (Eszterhazy Karoly Catolic University, Eger, Hungary) 

CONTACT: All questions about submissions should be emailed to kusper.gabor@uni eszterhazy.hu or arc.info@e-uvt.ro.