Training in SAT

Aim: The goal of the SAT training is that the participants should be able touse SAT tools, like solvers. We will learn the standard input formats of those solvers. We will learn how to formulate a problem as a SAT problem, what is the Threshold Phenomenon, how to solve the Bounded Model Checking Problem, how to turn a State Machine into a Bounded Model Checking Problem.

We will learn how to do Design by Contract, how to state the pre-condition
and post-condition of a method, how to write invariants, and how to check
them. We will learn also how to use sonar tools. We will learn how to state software security condition and how to check them.

Hosting institution: Eszterhazy Karoly Catholic University, Eger, Hungary

Period: 29.11.2021 – 05.12.2021

Duration: 7 days


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Local organizers:

  • Gabor Kusper, EKCU (chair)
  • Aniko Bordas, EKCU
  • Katalin Tayler, EKCU
  • Isabela Drămnesc, WUT (chair)